Prepare for the Long Term Care Nursing Home Administrator Exam

Preparing to take the long term care exam you want to be as prepared to pass the first time?

The practice exam is designed to help you get a feel to what to expect when taking the 150 question national examination required by all states

Why you need the to take this practice Exam? What is the national Pass Rate?

"The national nursing home administrator exam is prepared and administered by Professional Examination Service, (PES) New York, NY for the NAB. Their data indicate that between 68% and 70% pass the national exam the first time. About 65% pass the exam on their second attempt. It gets worse from there. Depending on the version of the exam you get, 112 to 115 of the 150 items must be answered correctly to pass.

"NAB exam questions are based on the assumption that you know the Federal Requirements and Guidelines to Surveyors in detail. The assignments in both courses are linked to the relevant sections of the Federal Requirements." (NAB site)

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