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This might be the most important test you take this year.

This comprehensive Nursing Home Administration Practice Exam was created to help fill the gap that is long needed. I have spent many hours researching every topic and concept in preparing to develop this site. It is designed to help you meet the standers required to help you pass the Nursing Home Administration Exam on your first attempt. Now, I know you're probably not convinced. Let me give you a few good reasons why you can't pass up this opportunity.

To raise the standards of long-term care in the United States, the public and its representative licensing boards have attempted to give nursing home administrators more accountability. Part of this has involved with the increasing the minimum qualifications required to practice as an entry-level administrator.

"The licensing examination developed by National Administration Board (NAB) , with technical assistance from the Professional Examination Service (PES), is a 150-item multiple-choice examination covering the following content areas: Patient Care; Personnel Management; Financial Management; Marketing; Public Relations; Laws; Regulatory Codes; and Governing Boards. In addition a total of 15 different questions are added throughout the exam giving the complete total as 165 questions with a 3 hour limit. These content areas emerged from a role delineation study completed by NAB in 1986." (NAB site)

"NAB test items are written by practicing administrators, long-term care educators, and regulatory board. When questions are developed for the NAB item bank items are created met minimum standards. On this entry level exam questions are selected towards testing safety and general knowledge focusing the importance of the resident care and safe practice within the nursing facility. Content experts also screened NAB items for accuracy and to ensure that they assessed a defined area of the NAB test specifications. PES psychometric and editorial staff reviewed each item to verify that it conformed to accepted principles of item construction and to established rules of grammar and style. Approved items are assembled on the examinations for the review and approval of the NAB Examination Committee, which is composed of a panel of experts in the field of long-term care." (NAB site)

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